Feta Cheese & Cherry Tomatoes Omelette

This is my go to recipe for something really fast and tasty when I get home from work and don't feel like cooking or ordering take away. This is also a brilliant brunch dish for a lazy Sunday. 

I got this recipe from my best friend, Sylwia, and we really enjoy it every time I make it. Quick and easy, with a Mediterranean twist. 

Ingredients (2 people):
  • 5 large free range eggs
  • 10 x 3mm slices of feta cheese
  •  8-10 cherry tomatoes
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • oregano or other spices
  • some butter 

Melt butter in a frying pan on a medium heat. Once melted, arrange slices/chunks of feta evenly on the pan and fry until cheese is slightly browned on the bottom. 

In the meantime beat the eggs until smooth. Cut tomatoes into halfs.

Pour the eggs over feta when ready, and turn the heat to low. 

When the eggs are half set, add tomatoes, and sprinkle with salt, pepper and/or other spices. Cook for another few minutes until set. Flip to the other side, and cook for another 2-3min. You can cut the omelette in half or 4 pieces for easier turn. I personally only cover the pan with a lid and don't turn at all, just cook it a little bit longer on lower heat.


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