Homemade Paneer

Paneer is a white, fresh cheese commonly used in Indian cuisine. It's very easy and quick to make and can be used in all sorts of main dishes as well as in a huge selection of Indian desserts. Today I will show you how to make paneer at home and tomorrow will post a recipe for a lovely, simple lunch using paneer.

  • 8 cups of whole milk (about 2 litres)
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice
  • cheese cloth or big muslin cloth
Boil the milk in a heavy bottomed pan over medium heat. Stir occasionally to make sure not to burn the milk. Mix lemon juice in half cup of hot water and leave it aside.
As the milk comes to a boil, add the lemon juice gradually and stir the milk gently. Just after few seconds you will see the milk curdling. Wait a couple of minutes and turn off the heat.
Once the milk fat has separated, drain the whey using a strainer line with cheese cloth.
Wrap the curds in a muslin cloth and rinse under cold water to get rid of the lemon juice and then squeeze well. Paneer needs to be pretty dry so you can take out the excess water by putting it (still in a muslin cloth) on a pan and covering it with another heavy pan filled with water for about 30 min. to an hour. After that time the panner should be combined together and ready to cut into desired shape.

You can also make a small bowls or one big bowl of paneer. Just keep the paneer under the heavy pan for not more than 30 min. and then knead it until soft like a cream cheese and combined. It should not be crumbly so remember that you have to knead it until delicate and combined. If you're having problems with combining it together it means that it's too dry and you have to add more water. Just remember to ad the water bit by bit so it's not to watery.

You can also add some salt or spices to your cheese, because the cheese itself is pretty blend, but it has to be done before the drying process.


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