Vegan Tacos

It's only spring in this part of the world, but I already can smell summer in the air. I am so excited about it, I love sunshine and maxi dresses, that we already started having meals on our patio, rain or shine, kind of. I also started playing with a lot of fresh and colourful veggies to switch from the heavy, soul winter cooking to summer. Even though weather in California is warm all over the year, I still tend to make soups, stews and other hot, long cooked meals during the fall and winter, and leave the beautiful, light and fresh salads and simple raw dishes for the summer.

Last week we decided to go all vegan. I have to say it was harder than I expected but very rewarding. I spent more time than usual preparing the list of meals and ingredients we were going to need, made better choices when ate outside and realised that with just small changes I can eat and be even more healthy. I don't think I am ready to change my diet completely, but I will definitely try and substitute dome of the diary products in our daily life.

Now onto the tacos. Believe it or not, but living in California for almost 2 years, I have had tacos only twice. My favourite were always enchiladas and quesadillas and I would alternate between the two. Lately I went out for lunch with a friend and decided to give tacos another try. It was like love at second sight :), I knew they were my new favourite.

I made these several times now and they always are very tasty. Yes, vegan tacos can be delicious! You don't need tons of sour cream and cheese to have a fabulous dinner and what's best about them is that you can make them with anything you like.

  • black beans
  • shredded red cabbage
  • lettuce
  • radish slices
  • avocado
  • spicy salsa
  • jalapeƱo pepper
  • lime juice
  • taco shells
It's very hard to give you the exact measurements for the ingredients because it all depends on what you love and how much of it you want to put on your taco. There are so many variations for vegan tacos that you probably could eat them for the entire next year. Start with this recipe and expand with other veggies in the future.

These look marvellous and are delicious and fresh!


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