Weekly Shop #1

I have been asked many times what do I eat and do I get bored with and struggle to plan vegetarian meals.

I've been on this diet for probably more than 15 years and I get asked those questions every time I mention my choice of diet. When I speak with people I always say that it's easier than they think and I never run out of ideas. I can tell they don't really believe me and a few seconds later they all ask for a typical week of meals. I refer everyone to vegidea.org and other websites but most of them never do the research.

I thought this new weekly section of me showing what I bought and what I plan on making, could be a great cheat sheet for all those who want to eat more vegetarian meals or have a hard time coming up with new ideas.
I do my grocery shopping once a week, usually on Mondays, and I buy most of the products at Trader Joe's. I visit my local farmer's market every Sunday for some fresh veggies, fruit and bread, but I do buy fresh produce at TJ's also. Every Saturday evening I make a list of meals for the week, including a detailed list of what I need (crossing out what I already have in my pantry) for the smooth shop. I rarely buy something extra. If I plan on cooking something more oriental, I always visit one of many Asian or international stores in the area.

Meals for the week:

- diary free yoghurt with fruit and granola
- muffin (x2 days)
- chia seed pudding on soy milk (x2 days)
- banana & strawberry smoothie (x2 days)

- salad (x3 days)
- pita bread with hummus and veggies (x2 days)
- soup and half naan bread (x2 days)

- Ramen
- Enchilladas
- Polenta with courgettes and tomato sauce
- Lentil and rice patties
- Indian veggie curry
- Broccoli stir fry with rice
- Dinner out

Hope you will like my new weekly section and will find it helpful! Let me know if you would like to see any of the recipes on the blog.



Some of the items used for the dinners above were already in my cupboard. Please do not mind the tuna tins in the photo, my partner eats meat and fish from time to time.


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