Weekly Shop #2

Three months ago I had written a post about my grocery shopping and I shared how I plan my meals for a week. That was very successful and I have been told by some of my friends that they would like more posts like this, hence this Weekly Shop #2 post coming here.

It's been over a week after Christmas and it's the New Year now and I am slowly craving green food that is light, fresh and yummy. Not that my holiday dishes were not tasty, quiet the opposite, but after months of this cold weather and heavy dinners, all I really want is a salad and a smoothie.
Because the winter isn't going anywhere yet, I have to find something in the middle. I have planned my meals for this coming week (plus this weekend) full of veggies with less carbs and cheese. There will still be some rice, potatoes and bread, but I will load those dishes with lots of greens and will use just one serving of carbs per two people.

Meals for the week:

- muesli with berries and Greek non-fat yoghurt (x3 days)
- green smoothie with bananas, kiwi & spinach (x3 days)
- poached egg & avocado on toast
- scrambled egg & toasts
- homemade chia pudding

- salad (x3 days)
- veggie sandwich with spinach, beets and goat's cheese (x3 days)
- winter squash soup (x2 days) made couple of weeks back and frozen
- lunch out

- Vegetable ramen
- Broccoli in garlic spicy sauce with jasmine rice
- Chickpea and potato curry
- Brown rice, egg stir fry with green beans and pepper
- Bosco salad
- Onion, potato and spinach quiche
- Broccoli, potato and cheese soup
- Dinner out x 2



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