Weekly Shop #3

You can probably tell by now that I love shopping at Trader Joe's. Since I first visited the shop over two years ago, I rarely go somewhere else, apart from my farmers market on California Avenue on Sundays. There are a lot of pros of that store but what I love the most is that I know what I can get there and I base my shopping list on that. Some people complain that they don't carry a variety of stock, but to me that is a big plus, because you can be sure all the produce is fresh and the best quality without laying on the shelves forever for someone to pick it up. If I need anything extra or some speciality items, I get it at my market or speciality store, but it is really handy to know what I can get at TJ's and if there is something on my list that I know I have to get outside, I do it on a Sunday, and I buy the main bulk on Monday morning.

This week we have a couple of dinners planned with friends and I also have some lunches booked, so the shopping list was pretty short. I focused on healthy and light dishes and breakfasts, because I knew that we will probably eat not that well in the restaurants and we will probably have some alcohol.

Meals for the week:

- Vegan yoghurt with granola (x2 days)
- Green smoothies (x3 days) forgot to photograph the greens I bought at the market on Sunday
- Brunch out (x2 days)

- Veggie wraps with kale, edamame and cucumber
- Roasted brussels sprouts and hummus
- Mushrooms in creamy vegan cashew sauce with rice
- Beet and goat cheese salad
- Vegan kofta in a cashew sauce
- Dinner out (x2 days)



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