Weekly Shop #4

Last week we dined out a lot, so the plan for this one is to counteract that and be as good as possible. That means no snacking this week and there will only be coffee for dessert, ouch!

Meals for the week:

- Fruit smoothies with selection of banana, frozen berries, oranges, kale and ginger

- Bagel with cream cheese (x2 days)
- Veggie sandwich with avocado, cheese and lettuce on a homemade sourdough bread (x2 days)
- Avocado salad with iceberg lettuce and walnuts
- lunch out (x2 days)

- Burrito bowl
- Green curry noodles with green beans and bell pepper
- Chickpea and cauliflower curry with naan
- Mexican potato hash
- Scrambled chickpeas
- Sweet potato gnocchi in sage cream sauce
- Veggetable soup



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