Weekly Shop #5

I have almost missed one week of the Weekly Shop posts, because I forgot to take a photo of my groceries. It actually happens every week, instead of taking pics straight away when I get home from the shops, I put everything away, and then I need to look for everything forgetting half of the stuff that I bought. Here is an example of that below, there is only probably 2/3 of this week's groceries here, but I didn't want to miss this post.

This week we will be hosting a friend one night, so we will probably go out for pizza, and we have also been invited to a dinner party on a Saturday. For the rest of the week, I have planned some of our old favourites as well as a Polish dish that I haven't had for a while. It should be interesting and delicious. Same goes for breakfast and lunch, I try to introduce something new every week. 

What I haven't mentioned on this blog yet, is that I have started baking sourdough bread about 2 months ago, so now, every week, we have fresh and delicious bread, that we are in love with and eat all the time! No pictures of it yet, I have to master it and will share it with you soon.

Meals for the week:

- Kefir, berries and muesli x 2
- Fruit smoothies x2
- PBJ on a sourdough x 2
- French toast

- Beet salad
- Citrus salad
- Homemade sourdough sandwiches x 3
- Lunch out x 2

- Wild Mushroom soup
- Baked sweet potatoes with mixed greens, beans and sriracha dip
- Penne arrabiata
- Silesian dumplings
- Tortilla soup
- Dinner at friends' house
- Dinner out



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