Weekly Shop #6

This week, again, I want to eat as much fruit and salads as possible, hence the fruit smoothies for breakfast and healthy lunches. I have put on a lot of weight over Christmas period, and with all the baking that I am doing lately, see my new blog - Bake Idea - so I am trying to be more careful now and eat more plant based dishes. I have baked another batch of my sourdough bread at the weekend, so I will not be as good as I want to be, but really, that bread is so good, that if you try once, you're hooked and it's hard to stop!  Here is my list of meals for the week, hope you will find something interesting.

Meals for the week:

- Yoghurt with fruit
- Oats with fruit
- Fruit smoothies x 3
- Waffles with fruit and agave syrup
- Korean sesame tapioca bread rolls

- Pita & hummus sandwiches x 2
- Arugula, radish & pistachio sanwich
- Cocktail tomatoes, feta and onion salad
- Lunch out
- California sandwich on a homemade sourdough x 2

- Red lentil curry
- Green pea soup with sourdough
- Falafels
- Steamed broccoli with salsa and rice
- Quinoa with grilled carrots
- Four cheese pizza
- Dinner out



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