March Grocery Haul

I've been MIA for two weeks,  and I hope I will be back on my usual schedule in the next few, but for now, I have a monthly grocery haul for you. Some time ago I have decided I will post these monthly, rather than weekly, simply because I seem to be very forgetful with taking the photos, and even if I don't have one or two, at least I will have a couple to go along with the meal list.

Last week we had a couple of friends staying with us, so I didn't do any cooking or shopping. We ate out all the time, so this month I will only have 3 weeks worth of meals to share with you. But you are still in for a good one, because the first 3 weeks of March were culinary interesting. I made quiet a few new dishes,  and all were delicious, and again, had loads of in season produce. Let me know which you would like to see on the blog, and I hope you will like the ideas.

Week #1


Week #2


Week #3


I hope you will find some new inspiration for your meals and please let me know if there is something you would like to see on the blog.



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